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New Sounds from a live concert of Hands available at iTunes

Denisse F.–
Hi. Just an information to tell. I just found out that new music by Hand’s Sounds was recorded from their last tour in the US. It is available for download on iTunes. It includes many of the tracks from the Soundtrack album. It is actually listed twice with different titles but as far as I am aware they are both the same concert. Please do not buy or download this live song in iTunes or in any other music app. Download the original one. When you chose the live concert, unfortu-nately, the band don’t get any royalties from the release. Although the recording isn’t bad as it was recorded by the venue, not by fans, so don’t download or buy it.

Georgia A.–
What a rotten dirty thing to do these to our boys to market their CDs in a million different formats, etc. Ugggh, the nerve!

Jessie H.–
I have just spotted on iTunes that this same concert recording has been released again under yet another name by another company, ABC Music. Don’t be taken in that this is a new recording, it isn’t and the guys still don’t see a penny from any of the sales. If you really want to buy it, I sug-gest you buy their album at this website. They have an authorization from Hands’ Sounds to market their CD’s and albums. All you have to know about this group, you can find it here.

Georgia A.–
Thank you, Jessie and Denise, for the information. It helps a lot.