About Us


Welcome to the Hands’ Sounds fan website! For the love and support of their music career, we created and established this Hands’ Sounds fan website. In our site, you will find information about our local indie band Hands including information such as their upcoming albums, shows, tv guestings and events. If you wish to buy their CDs, albums and concert merchandise, they are all available here.

Back in college, I was really into music. I’m hanging out with a group of friends who also love music so much. When the band released their first album, I was in my home and listening to their music and I am so excited to tell my friends about them. We were so amazed and impressed how this band makes their music. And because we are in the same country, we wanted to show how much we love and support them. We found a way to help them promote and support their band by creating a fan page and selling their albums and CDs which you are experiencing today.

We know how difficult it is for new artists to promote their albums and events, especially if they are an independent band. Through this Hand’s Sounds fan page, you will find an ongoing list of upcoming local events, T.V. shows and the latest collection of concert merchandise and concert tickets, new releases of songs, CDs, and albums.

We are proud to say that we are the first and largest Hands’ Sounds fan page with a wide collec-tion of their merchandise and events in California to help you quickly discover and experience their shows to remember. Through this social platform, we hope that fans and Hands’ Sounds will stay connected. We encourage you to support our favorite band by connecting with us through this website.