There are a lot of talented performers out there and most of them are not seen or heard on mainstream media. These artists have gone indie or short for independent. This means they are not under any contract from record companies. Whereas this was seen before as a liability, it seems that indie is now the new mainstream. Thanks to the power of social media, our indie artists now have the means to reach out to more people and let them see or hear their performances without having to spend a big amount of money. The internet is boundless. Even if indie artists are not backed up by big companies, they are able to let other people hear their songs or see their performances. Their music and craft can reach different parts of the world. They can record their songs with the help of their surface mount resistor wattage and people can download them from the internet. They can take videos of themselves and have digital concerts which their followers can watch online. They are free to experiment on their own brand of music and not be subjected to what the management of big recording companies feel they ought to be making. They can explore different music genres – pop, rock, rap, country, soul, rhythm and blues, jazz, electronic dance, reggae, classical, hip-hop, techno, black metal, ska, gospel, ballad, acoustic, folk rock, hard rock, or hardcore. They can even do combinations of these genres. They enjoy artistic freedom and nobody controls their choices. They are free to express whatever music they feel like making. They can collaborate with other indie artists and play music just for the love of music, untouched by any commercial interests. Through the internet, the people are updated about their favorite indie artists. They have their own following or cater to a particular type of audience already. The top indie artists have millions of followers. Much like their mainstream counterparts. Many people recognize our indie artists today and they are able to show their support to them. This creates opportunities for our talented artists as there is a demand for their performances in the mainstream. Mainstream media cannot help but notice them and give in to the demand of the people. That is why we are able to see some indie artists making their debut on national tv or radio. We can only be happy that our indie artists are given the opportunity to shine. And mainstream media benefits from the discovered talents of our indie artists made even better through their experiences away from the mainstream. Some people think that the pinnacle of success for indie artists is when they find their way to mainstream media and sign a contract with a major recording company. But the truth is that the pinnacle of success for indie artists is being able to reach millions of people locally and internationally without the support of any major recording company. That is victory and it tastes so sweet for our indie artists. It is a testament to their hard work and dedication to the music that they create. It is an indication of their love for music that is pure and not tainted by commercialism. It is proof that they have what it takes to win the hearts of the people on their own. Salute to all our indie artists. The Hands’ Sounds Band is proud to be among the ranks of such talented performers.