Hands’ Sounds Hit the Road

Hands can do so many things, we could welcome our guest by opening our hands, we can scold, we express our love by hugging, or our anger through a clenched fist. With your Hands, you can create sounds. However, the Hands we know is a group that is up to challenge itself in creating beautiful sound and music using their instruments.

Hands is a local indie band consisting of four members based in California. They were a group of friends back then who used to practice a lot in their garage door in Houston when they have free time. Because of their hard work, they are now dominating the stage with their music.

Hands’ Sounds makes music like a swirl of overlapping loops and riffs that slowly encompasses you. The group crafts their own hypnotic sounds from a single dropping note that builds into a vibrating roar and that crashes over you like a wave. It’s a mesmerizing technique that they have pulled off from their debut album. They have built off the success of their massive record re-leased in 2010 and another one that was released on 2013. Their songs show Hands’ natural abil-ity to mix and blend instruments and electronics into a deep texture that moves spiritually through genres. Hands perform rock to synth-pop to stadium anthem. The interplay between the mem-bers’ instruments like esoteric guitar riffs, technical tempos, thumping bass and their soaring vo-cals and keyboards help the band build an energetic and powerful atmosphere.

The band made a trademark on the scene immediately, quickly making shows across the coun-try including in different festivals, sessions, live concerts, and more. Indeed, the Hands’ Sounds band’s ability to win over fans with their exciting live show and party sound have already earned them a spot for their likes as well as playing shows to sold-out crowds at venues across Califor-nia.

Until now, Hands’ Sounds band is still performing with their graceful and danceable indie rock under the radar. As evidenced by their unbelievable success, love, and support from their fans, they have been listed on TIME Magazine as one of the “11 Bands You Don’t Know But You Should” List. They are quickly rising to the surface when they began bringing their music and sound with them. Over the past year, Hands has been devoted to their music and career, and with the overwhelming response of the listeners, Hands’ record has been hitting the charts ever since they started.

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